Film: Rajadhani
Banner: Sri Deviramma Enterprises
Director: Sowmya Sathyan N. R.
Star Cast: Yash, Sheena, Prakash Raj, Sharath Lohitashwa
Music Director: Arjun Janya

What happens when parents neglect their children and do not guide them when they need guidance at a young age? This movie has the right answers. With an excellent script, the director has chosen a subject of how five youths take to violence to make fast buck and commit murders after murders to hide their crimes and fall to the lure of money. The story has a message to all parents how not to treat their children when they are young and if they do so, what will be the consequences. The story is set in Bangalore where five indifferent and careless close friends led by Raja (Yash) are forced to murder rowdy Benki Mahadeva for Rs 50 lakh supari.

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