Film: Rocky
Producer: KL Timmapparaju, Narayanaswamy
Director: SK Nagendra Urs
Star Cast: Yash, Biyanca, Santosh, Ramesh Bhat, Sharath Lohitashwa
Music Director: Venkat Narayan
Record Label: Skanda Audio

Rocky (Yash) is the unspoilt and studious son of busy parents, the top rank holder in college. But there is one thing that he is not able to achieve even after trying many times: the love of his college mate Usha (Biyaanka). Bowled over by her beauty, Rocky repeatedly tries to impress her but fails every time. To his horror, he realizes that Usha is attracted to Vishwas, a guitarist. But Vishwas is unaware of Usha’s love for him. So Rocky devises a plan to make Usha realize that Vishwas does not love her. He brings Usha and Vishwas together, but the situation goes out of hand when Vishwas really starts loving her. The rest of the film tells how Rocky devises new plans to reclaim Usha and the twists and turns in the story makes it an interesting watch.

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